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24th mai 2012

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Tags: 3dsswapnote

I received my 3DS !

I actually won it on the Internet XD
Pretty glad with the colour, I wanted the red one, but Ice White is nice as well, not really complaining (and it’s easier to match) :p

I have some stickers… But maybe I’ll search for a good skin this summer in Hong Kong…

I still haven’t bought any game, because it’s expensive my revision period…
But I want Kid Icarus so baaaaadly ! T_T

Trying to draw on Swapnote… pretty ugly yeah… I want to try Colors!3D, it seems soooo awesome *O*

And here’s my friend code… As I don’t have any friend, and I doubt going to uni with StreetPass would be a good idea XD

Edit : Eh, I see people I don’t know who like my post… But send me a message or a reply (Tumblr or Disqus) with your friend code too XD

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